Miele Professional PT8407EL 36 Inch Front Load Dryer with Electric Drying System, Honey-Comb Drum, Profitronic M Controls, Programmable Controls and Delay Start


quick specs
Width: 35 3/4 Inch
Depth: 45 7/8 Inch
Height: 55 1/8 Inch
Venting Type: Vented

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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Series: Professional
Model: PT8407EL
MPN: 52840705USA
Type: Front Load
Fuel Type: Electric
Color: Stainless Steel
Location of Controls: Front
Width: 35 3/4 Inch
Depth: 45 7/8 Inch
Height: 55 1/8 Inch
Control Type: Digital and Knobs
Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
Venting Type: Vented
Leveling Legs: Yes
Technical Details
Amps: 10
Voltage: 240/220 Volts
EAN: 52840705USA


About Miele
A brand is like an enduring promise that needs to be fulfilled continuously. Miele adheres to this promise with the utmost commitment. For more than 115 years, Miele stands for highest product quality. Miele – that means durability, reliability, security and peace of mind. As part of this philosophy, Miele avows itself to Germany as its center of production. Ninety percent of the total value creation is generated here. “Made in Germany” is a promise of quality and Miele strives to fulfill the high requirements of their customers and provide them with appliances of the highest quality and tested durability to make their lives more comfortable.


Front loader
Stainless steel
Load in lbs.(kg):
Fill ratio:
Drum volume in gal(l):
14.13 (400)
Drying system:
Hot water
Door opening [Ø] in in.(mm):
20 1/2 (520)
Door opening angle in degrees:
Door hinging:
Convertible hinging:
Patented honeycomb drum:
Program cycle in min.:
Tested operating hours:
Control system:
Profitronic M
Freely programmable
Program controls:
Residual moisture controlled
Max. delay start in h:
Freely selectable
Countdown indicator:
Program sequence indicator:
Choice of display language:
Technical Data
Electrical connection:
3 AC 208V 60HZ
Total connected load in kW:
Fuse rating in A:
Volume in m³/h and in³./h:
Electrical connection:
3 AC 220-240V 60HZ
Total connected load in kW:
Fuse rating in A:
Dimensions and Weight
External dimensions, height in in.(mm):
55 1/8 (1,400)
External dimensions, width in in.(mm):
35 3/4 (906)
External dimensions, depth in in.(mm):
45 7/8 (1,164)
Net weight in lbs.(kg):
478 (217)


Communication slot
  • Whether for the documentation of a program cycle or the connection of dosing pumps or other machines – the communication shaft is the basis for data exchange with external systems.
Patented Air Recycling Plus
  • After leaving the dryer drum, the process still contains a lot of heat. Therefore, the Air Recycling Plus program developed by Miele returns a large portion of this air back into the drying process – exactly how large this portion is regulated by the pate
Large capacity
  • The laundry must be given sufficient space to tumble freely so that the air can absorb the moisture quickly and evenly from the fabric. The large drum volumes ensure outstanding drying results, reduced creasing and short cycle times
Patented honeycomb drum
  • The honeycomb drum with its sculptured honeycomb structure creates an air cushion between the drum wall and the laundry.
Perfect Anti-crease
  • If laundry is not removed promptly at the end of the program the dryer will tumble the laundry at regular intervals. This effectively prevents creasing.
Axial airflow
  • Miele Professional tumble dryers utilise the principle of longitudinal air flow: The heated air is passed through the drum parallel to the drum axis (axial). The laundry which is lifted by the drum ribs can then use the air flow particularly effectively a
Short program cycles
  • Are short program cycles the most important factor for you If so, then Miele Professional laundry appliances are your first choice: Thanks to top quality commercial technology your laundry is available again for use after a very short time.
Intelligent tumble dryers
  • To prevent laundry from becoming tangled and ensure even drying, the dryer control changes the rotation direction of the drum at irregular intervals.
Delay start freely selectable
  • With delay start you can determine according to choice when the selected program should start. This is of particular advantage, for instance if the program cycle is supposed to end at the start of work


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