Iron-A-Way AE46WDU 46 Inch Ironing Center with 90° Swivel Ventilated Board, Hot Iron Storage, 60-Minute Safety Timer, Storage Shelves, Garment Bar, Adjustable Swivel, Built-In Spotlight, Built-In Safety Switch, and UL Listed: Standard Maple Veneer Door, Right Hinge


quick specs
Width: 15 Inch
Depth: 7 3/4 Inch
Height: 60 5/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 3/8 Inch
Cutout Depth: 3 7/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 59 7/8 Inch

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Product Information
Brand: Iron-A-Way
Model: AE46WDU
Accepts Panels: Yes
Width: 15 Inch
Depth: 7 3/4 Inch
Height: 60 5/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 3/8 Inch
Cutout Depth: 3 7/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 59 7/8 Inch
Ironing Board Size: 46 Inch
Internal Power Socket: Yes
Internal Light: Yes
Iron Rest: Optional
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 115 Volts


Iron-A-Way Deluxe Swivel Ironing Center
Iron-A-Way’s ironing centers are the ultimate in ironing organization. The convenient features all bundled into one location are the swiveling ironing board for versatility in ironing garments, storage shelves for ironing agents, a garment bar for hanging multiple items while ironing, a timer that shuts off electricity for safety, and a spotlight shining over the ironing area. Optional add-ons include the hot iron rest that safely holds the active iron while ironing, a premium iron by Maytag, and a narrow sleeveboard for ironing sleeves and other smaller sections of clothing. There are a variety of door finishes to match existing cabinetry, or the standard door, maple veneer, can be stained. The door can also accept metal overlay panels for a more contemporary look.

About Iron-A-Way
For more than 53 years, Iron-A-Way Inc. has been manufacturing built-in ironing centers. Today, Iron-A-Way continues its commitment to improve its value to its customers and improve its product line. With a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder Iron-A-Way remains the number one manufacturer of built-in-ironing centers.


Built-in or Wall Mounted (Wall Mount Requires Kit)
Door Hinge:
Right-Hand Swing, Standard
Electrical Requirements:
Recommended Clearances for Ironing
Distance from Wall to Tip of Ironing Board:
50 7/8″
Swivel Clearance from Cut-Out Opening of Cabinet:
16 7/8″
Distance from Wall in Full Swivel Position:
32 1/2″
Standing Area Clearance:
Ironing Board Measurements
Cut-Out Dimensions
Cut-Out Width:
14 3/8″
Cut-Out Depth:
3 7/8″
Cut-Out Height:
59 7/8″
Overall Dimensions
Overall Width:
Overall Depth:
7 3/4″
Overall Height:
60 5/8″


Deluxe Swivel Ironing Center

Ventilated Metal Board
  • The metal ventilated board allows steam to effectively pass through fabrics, keeps the ironing surface dry from condensation, and provides a more even-heated ironing surface.
90° Swivel Board
  • The swivel board allows for a 90° left-right turn of the board for flexibility. It also makes it easier to use the square end of the board.
Hot Iron Storage
  • Not only a convenient spot to store the iron altogether, it keeps it out of reach when the iron is hot.
60-Minute Silent Motor Timer
  • This timer cuts off electricity to the iron once the timer goes off.
Storage Shelves
  • Keep all ironing sprays and other agents on two interior storage shelves.
Garment Bar
  • The garment bar is helpful when ironing more than one garment. It can hold multiple clothes hangers.
Built-In Spotlight
  • This spotlight makes it easy to see while ironing.
Multiple Door Options
  • The standard door is maple veneer which can be finished and stained to match existing cabinetry, or select from:
  • Flat White
  • Mirror
  • Raised Maple
  • Raised Oak
  • Raised Pine
  • Raised White
Metal Overlays
  • The standard maple veneer door can be ordered, and then multiple metal overlays can be ordered to cover the door.
  • Black Metal
  • Carbon Metal
  • White Metal
  • Biscuit Metal
  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel
Optional Accessories
  • Hot Iron Rest holds the active iron while adjusting garments on the ironing board.
  • Maytag Steam Iron heats up in one minute and slides smoothly on the stainless steel ironing plate.
  • Sleeveboard is small and narrow, perfect for ironing sleeves or small garments that can’t fit on the main nose of the ironing board.
Additional Features
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Install
  • Ironing Board Cover and Pad
  • Full Length Piano Hinge
  • Built-In Safety Switch
  • UL Listed


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